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As a nine - to - five worker, do you have to sit for a long time all day and don't have to stand up to exercise after work and just want to return home immediately after work?
If the answer is "Yes", then young people need to know about light exercise.
Light sports can be understood as small, low, and low intensity sports.
Its essence is that it can move at any time and anywhere. It does not matter the length of time, regardless of the venue. It aims to make itself happy through sports.
For light sports, Xiaobian compiled the following points for your reference.
Novice sports, avoid overexercise
For a small partner who has been short of long-term exercise habits, some exercise with low intensity should be chosen so that the body can avoid being injured by excessive exercise and can avoid the confidence and strength of continuing to exercise after the exercise is too tired.
At first, if you want to try a less difficult exercise than jogging or yoga, try a balanced car or a R series smart bike.
The former relies on the center of gravity to control forward, backward, steering, acceleration, deceleration, and so on. It is very interesting and can move on without exhaustion, and even if the room can be carried out.
The latter has three different riding modes, which can be pure electric, can be pure manpower or power, and there are more than ten different kinds of gears to switch the choice under the power mode.
Use all kinds of time for debris
Because our life is always full of all kinds of things and emergencies, so if we want to use the big spare time to exercise, it is difficult for some working people to stick to it. But there are quite a lot of debris in life. If we can use it flexibly, it will make the movement easier and easier to practice.
What time can you use in your life?
On the way to work. When you take a bus or a subway, it is a good choice to arrive at the time of the company, or to ride a smart bike directly to work. Of course, in the morning exercise, do not fasting, to an egg and a glass of milk, can avoid hypoglycemia.
Work gap. When you work, you can stand up and go back and forth, sit on a chair for a few sets of action, climb a staircase for a few minutes in the corridor, or ride a circle in the room. These movements can break the feeling of slow, powerless and exhaustion caused by long term sedentary, so that the next job can be in a better state.
Life lies in sports! Long term exercise can not only be physically healthy, but also make the mood more pleasing, life more fulfilling, every day is easier to get satisfaction and happiness, and naturally do everything will be full of energy!
Don't be lazy again. Together, grab your fragment time and move!

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