Sharing bicycles has hidden worries, then come to a motorbike with folding motorcycles.

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In recent years, many areas have begun to stop and limit the sharing of bicycles, and many sharing bicycles are also facing the dilemma of what course to follow. In addition, many people will encounter problems such as difficulty in getting to work, tire tyres, car seat damage, chain loss and so on when using shared bicycles.
In fact, in the face of such a normal situation, it is better to choose a bicycle with a folding bike instead of sharing it.
Electric bicycle
The reason for using a folding car instead of sharing bicycles is that the folding car can almost be unfettered.
It can be folded, so it can be put into the home and office directly, without fear of being stolen; the subway can also be folded and lifted directly after the subway. It will not be blocked; the city wants to walk, and the ride is tired to stop and sit in a small shop and enjoy a cup of coffee or milk tea at any time.
Electric bicycle
Folding car for users, it is to fold and relax, expand and ride well. The folding process is very simple. It only needs to fold the main frame, the support rod and the pedal in turn. The whole process needs only about 10 seconds after the skillful operation. And after the folding is good, the whole vehicle is heavy 12.6kg. It can not only carry the carrying, but also carry out with the wheel, so it is very easy and labor-saving.
Electric bicycle
Folding bike, most of the wheel is very small, this is also reflected on the point, the size of the tire is only 8 inches, then riding it to commute or shopping, riding, is not very tired?
The answer, of course, is negative. It is equipped with a strong hub motor, and the whole car does not have a chain drive, so it does not need foot pedal when riding, and can ride at the maximum speed of 20km/h. And to ensure security and meet the needs of more riders, the maximum riding speed is adjustable, as long as it is simply set up through a specially developed APP.
In addition, the APP can also be used to check the riding data such as riding speed, surplus power and mileage in real time, so that the riding state can be controlled at any time and well prepared.
Electric bicycle
On the point of "comfort" that the folding car may be short, the electric bicycle also has a more colorful performance.
Its saddle is designed by the left and right split type. Riding helps the rider's buttocks to be more evenly stressed. Riding for a long time is not easy to feel the pain of the buttocks and leg numbness.
There are also design details for night riding. The front part of the body is equipped with high intensity lighting headlights, the farthest lighting distance can reach 20 meters, can clearly illuminate the road conditions, see the obstacle obstacles; the tail configuration has intelligent taillights, when the car friends brake, the tail light will automatically light up, can remind the people around the road to pay attention, as far as possible to avoid collisions, ensure safety of travel.
Electric bicycle
It can be said that the folding smart car is a very balanced product with folding + performance. It can feel free and convenient trip by riding it on the streets, or entering the subway, bus and store. It is very suitable for the city to travel.

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