Folding electric bicycle

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I just want to stay at home and do not like to go out, because I am faced with all kinds of difficulties, such as traffic jam, parking, breaking leg and so on. Anyway, the Internet is so developed nowadays that there are also industrious courier brothers, who can buy things without going out.
But if you want to meet the coming summer with a good image, you need to deal with the commuting road that you have to face, and then go along with the smart car.
Electric bicycle
As a medium and short distance vehicle, the smart car has a compact and stylish body design.
Riding on the road area is very low, so it will not suffer from traffic jam. Facing the congestion at rush hour, we can ride a smart scooter on a non motorized lane without any impact, leaving only a chic passing figure.
Folding bicycle
Compared to the traditional riding equipment, the intelligent step car is equipped with a high performance hub motor. The maximum riding speed can reach 20km/h after the comprehensive safety and national specifications, which can satisfy the daily travel of the partners.
Folding bicycle
In order to facilitate the parking and portable, the various types of cars of the intelligent step car are not exceptionally small, but the model is designed to fold into a state that is easy to carry.
For example, the E3 smart bike. As an intelligent electric bicycle product, its model is very small, but it is bound to need a collapsible main frame to carry it. It uses a more thorough folding design that can be folded into the package directly after folding; in order to avoid the trouble of finding the package, the E3 is specially designed for a dedicated packet, equipped with no additional purchase. This kind of bag is available in a variety of ways of carrying. It can be shouldered, carried and dragged to make it easier and easier to carry.
Folding bicycle
The pursuit of such portability, on the one hand, is to take into account that there are few parking areas for bicycles, electric cars, and other personal small replacement equipment. On the other hand, it is also to meet the needs of people for riding and 4+2.
After all, for modern people, riding is not only a way of transportation, but also a way of life and leisure.
With the smart car, there are more options for cycling trips since this holiday. And for a small partner who is keen on a 4+2 trip, you don't need a special bike frame to drive a bike, and the smart car can be easily placed in your trunk. And for a car free family, it can also open a new way of 4+2 through the "smart car + high-speed rail / subway" way.
Folding bicycle
Apart from leisure, for some people, cycling is also a form of exercise, and there are also models that can satisfy them.
R series of intelligent bicycles, because of both the powerful wheel motor and the traditional chain drive structure, there are three different riding modes, which can be switched at random according to the needs, preferences and occasions. In order to easily and effortless ride, it is natural to choose the model of electric bike riding; and if you want to exercise, you can choose bicycle mode riding, and also choose the model of the power booster. In the model of the auxiliary motor, the riding strength can be adjusted by switching different motor power to ensure moderate exercise.
Well, do you still have a fear of travel?
Besides, a car can be used in many ways, and it will definitely make your life wonderful.

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