Shanghai Bicycle Show, Hong Gu has arrived.

On May 6, 2018, the China International Bicycle Exhibition opened in the National Convention and Exhibition Center...

Strong alliance: cooperate with ebu robotics co., LTD on global strategy

Dongguan honggu intelligent technology co., ltd. was granted the right to use global brands by dongguan yibu robo...

“Guangdong medical sound”, I am the sponsor

As the sponsor of the event, honggu intelligent offers a series of practical and interesting prizes, which are highly praised by the contestants.

On the Canton Fair, you are on the way

advocating low-carbon life, leading the forefront of social fashion and leading people to go in a good direction

Young people, light sports to understand

As a nine - to - five worker, do you have to sit for a long time all day and don't have to stand up to exercise after work and just want to return home immediately after work? If the answer is "Yes", then young people need to know about light ...

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